October 7, 2015

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Multi-media Water Treatment System

Design and Build Water Pre-treatment, On-line Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment System for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Farm Requirements.

Multi-media Water Treatment SystemMultimedia Water Treatment System

Provides the following:

  1. Water softener system
  2. Provides Water Treatment Programs for Boilers, Cooling Towers and HVAC systems.
  3. Reverse osmosis system
  4. Desalination system
  5. Carbon filter system
  6. Mechanical filtration system
  7. Complete water refilling station set-up
    • Purified
    • Mineral
    • Alkaline

Benefits of a Water Softener system:

  1. Saves fuel consumption in a boiler unit.
  2. Safety from boiler unit explosion due to thermal rupture that will consequently result in loss of lives and properties.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis, Desalination & Filtration system:

  1. Purifies water from contaminants such as minerals and other impurities to produce a potable, clear and odor free water for private and industrial applications. These process aids in water conservation.

Waste Water Treatment System

Design, build and retrofit Waste Water Treatment System with erroneous and under capacity design.

Waste Water Treatment System

Benefits of a Waste Water Treatment Facility:

  1. Promotes a clean environment which will contribute to the preservation of natural resources.
  2. Security against costly government imposed fines for a toxic, polluted waste discarded in the sewers. The government standards on BOD,COD, TSS, Color, OG & pH will be complied.
  3. Assurance in the continuity of an industrial operation without being banned from operation for violating the government ordinance of disposing non-pollutant industrial waste.
  4. Avoidance from a frequent, costly and degrading job of de-clogging the sewers and siphoning flooded septic tanks to address stinking back-ups.
  5. Gain a good corporate citizen reputation of a hygienic and odor free operation. A plus factor that will invite and keep more customers.

Fire Pump System

Design and install Fire Pump system to establishments such as hotels, condominiums, hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants and industries.

  • Aurora Fire Pump system made in U.S.A.

Benefits of a Fire pump system

  1. A reliable back-up source of fire fighting system in cases where the initial fire fighting system fails to function due to equipment malfunction or damage due to intense fire devastation.